Kick Bong- Kind of Imagination

Facebook friend “Kick Bong” recently released a new album last September entitled “Kind of Imagination” on Cosmicleaf Records.  Kick Bong is the project of DJ/Producer Franck Jousselin from Paris.

The highlight for me on this release was the dreamy title track.  The spacey, quite eerie synth sounds along with the futuristic guitar part created a musical dreamworld which would allow your imagination to run wild.  Perfect for relaxing and letting your mind wander!  The closing track “Something Better- Cydelix remix” is a producer’s paradise with a multitude of sounds going on in the background surrounding a reggae-flavored rhythm and chilled-out beat that was present on many of the tracks.

A musical highlight throughout the album are the wonderful guitar sounds.  I heard quite a resemblance to Robert Smith’s guitar sound on many tracks. I heard it on “Just You and Me” but there was a distortion added to the guitar or synth parts which reminded me of this Moby track from the film “Heat.”   I really love the eerie sound it produces!

On his bio I saw no mention of him playing guitar so Jousselin must put the guitar sounds on his synth and play it on the keys that way.  He mentions The Cure as one of his main influences, so the guitar sound is obviously an homage to Robert Smith’s great band.  Anyway, the guitar sounds are very well done regardless of how the sound was produced.  There are even some horn parts thrown in in various parts of the album which are also well placed and you can hardly tell they were produced with synth.

This album is not completely ambient/downtempo.  There are a few dance numbers on “Kind of Imagination” as well.  I really enjoyed “No More Love.”  It still maintains the dreamy feel of the rest of the album, but the beat is taken up a notch in this one and has a harder hitting bass line.    “Le Bonheur” is another example of one where Jousselin puts many different sounds together into a cohesive package.  It also was the most peppy track on the album making for a trance track which reminded me a bit of Paul Oakenfold’s work.

The bottom line here is that Kick Bong delivers a great album here and he is capable of producing many different pleasurable dance sounds. “Kind of Imagination” is perfect to relax with on a cold winter night, like I just did.  You can check out more of his work on his MySpace and Facebook pages as well as see him live in the Paris club scene (he’s actually hitting up Lisbon on March 5th).  I highly recommend his work!

Keep chillin’


For MLK Day

Why can’t we all chill together in harmony?  Just thought I’d share this great YouTube video featuring Rev. King with the backdrop of one of U2’s biggest and emotional hits.  Hope you all enjoyed today and remembered what this day is about.

Keep chillin’ in peace together…