Panaphonic- Sunrise Light

When I first became interested in chillout music, I really gravitated towards the nu-jazz sort of sound and St. Germain was the first artist that stuck out to me.  I really love anything with jazz instrumentation and a nice slick beat.  St. Germain has those qualities, but he hasn’t released anything since 2004 and I haven’t found many other artists that can do nu-jazz as well as him.  Well, I recently came across Panaphonic by my following of Funky Juice Records on Facebook, and I believe I have found a very nice compliment to St Germain.

Panaphonic is the brainchild and solo project of Funky Juice founder/DJ/producer Roby J.C. (Roby Colella) from Rome.  His main focus is the Barrio Jazz Gang duo, formed in 1997 along with Stefano Micarelli.  The idea for Panaphonic came about from his tinkering in the studio with a number of different sounds and released them as more of an experimental solo project.  To get a bit of a feel for Panaphonic’s sound, I’ve included the SoundCloud link to a great track called “Jumpclub” from Barrio Jazz Gang right here-

Jumpclub – Barrio Jazz Gang by funky juice

I received a sampler of “Sunrise Light” from the label and really enjoyed “Broken Blues” which was the track that made me want to write this review in the first place.  Anything with quick horn ensemble hits a la David Holmes gets me pretty excited, and this track was no exception.  It seems like a perfect fit for an Ocean’s 14 Soundtrack.  The catchy bassline and foot-tapping beat made it a ton of fun!  The track evolves a bit into a “Roaring Twenties” sort of feel with the different horn parts delightfully taking stabs at one another.  Roby uses a number of different tastes of musical ingredients on this album.  On each of the tracks I sampled there is a wonderfully different style of music. Throughout the music there is the overlying Nu Jazz feel, yet on one track you may hear some reggae or dubstep (“Softnoise Revolution”) influence and the next moment you’ll be surrounded by wonderful electronic synth sounds (“Reflective”).  The title track “Sunrise Light” is a delightfully blissful smooth-jazz sounding track with a great groove.

I should probably make sure to do a write up on Barrio Jazz Gang in the future, but Panaphonic was first brought to my attention so I am featuring it here at the Chillout Scene.  Please check out Sunrise Light at Funky Juice’s website or the iTunes store link HERE and enjoy some great chillin’ tracks!

Keep Chillin’


Full Tracklisting-

01. Sunrise Light
02. Funky Shadowlight
03. Softnoise Revolution
04. The outside view (main mix)
05. My Favourite Things
06. St Denis Ceara
07. Contas Novas
08. Sentimental Journey
09. Afrokraft (Main Cut)
10. Espuma Bossa
11. Broken blues
12. Flying inside
13. Sambastique
14. Exotic pussy
15. Reflective
16. The outside view (remix version)
17. Espuma Bossa (classic version)

New Royksopp track!

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My favorite music news/free download site has an exclusive new Royksopp track called “Keyboard Milk” for free download! (see widget below for the free track)

The new track features some huge synth sounds and a pulsating beat, everything you’d want from a Royksopp track. I really liked the deep, darker bridge portion about halfway through where the bass just goes right through you and it begins to build and build with more synth melodies added on top of another.  Towards the end of the track it brightens up a bit and turns into a “wall of sound” dance number with frantic piano sounds supplemented nicely by massive synth waves, strings, and cymbal crashes.  It ends quickly with an eerie note almost saying they wanted to do more but couldn’t go any further out of exhaustion.

This track will definitely tide us over for a while until the Norwegian duo graces us with their greatness again.

Enjoy and keep chillin!


Cream Chilled Electronic

OMT (One More Tune) Records has released a massive, three disc chillout set called “Cream Chilled Electronic.”  Thanks to Kate at UK music PR firm, Kish Communications, I was able to get a preview of the new compilation.

The compilation features not only almost four hours of chilled out tracks, but also some of the top names in the genre such as Air, Dido, Groove Armada, Moby, Royksopp, and Zero 7.  It was a bit heavily laced with the usual tracks by those artists which are normally featured on many chillout compilations, but I think overall it has a good balance of some well-known artists but yet has some that haven’t made it big yet as well.

One of the things I first noticed on this collection of songs was the number of artists that were popular in the 80’s.  There are songs by New Order, Simply Red, and Tears for Fears here.  Even Chaka Khan makes an appearance!  Definitely seems fitting since everyone is producing the 80’s synth pop sound these days, so why not include a few of the original artists?

My favorite track by one of the more well known artists was “Silver Cruiser” by Royksopp off of their recent release “Junior”, which has a bunch of off beat drum hits and wall of sound synth moments that took my breath away.  Fortunately I was able to gain it back with the minimalistic ending.  I hadn’t listened to all of “Junior” back when it came out and totally overlooked this track.  Will definitely give this one more spins now!

For the newcomers (at least for me) on this album, I really enjoyed the soulful, bluesy Misti Blu by Nottingham, UK trio Amillionsons.  Evening Star (Pink Frost Remix) by Todd Sparrow was a trance-like track with a great groove.  It seemed like a combination of Daft Punk’s sound with Neil Tennant’s (Pet Shop Boys) vocal style.  I also enjoyed another trance-y number called “November” by Norwegian Danny Andersen’s “Blackbelt Andersen” project.

There is also a bit of classical music influence on this compilation with a very well done  synth version of Barber’s “Adagio for Strings” by William Orbit.  “Angelica” by Lamb also has an electronic take on one of my favorite classical pieces, Debussy’s “Claire du Lune.”  The main melody of the piece is there along with some synth runs and other samples that brings a new twist to an old favorite, but still maintains the delicate nature of the original.

As I wrote earlier, there are a lot of tracks on “Cream Chilled Electronic” that appear on many other chillout compilations, however that is overcome with the quality of new tracks as well as the quantity (sitxy tracks!) and the diverse nature of chillin’ music  you get with this set.  I’d recommend picking it up as soon as possible!

Keep chillin’