Miami Nice- Elastica

So I was listening to Jason Schwartzman’s new radio show “Coconut Radio” on SiriusXM U the other day and he played an awesome laid-back, stripped down track by Elastica called “Nothing Stays the Same.” The following track which I thought was even better which was called “Miami Nice.” (video below) These were both on the follow up effort (titled “The Menace”) to their 1995 self-titled debut that had the hit “Connection” which is pretty much the only song I remembered by them.

“Miami Nice” has a darker, cinematic feel to it and with the syth sounds used throughout the track,  I thought it was relevant to write about here. I thought it even would fit in nicely in Michael Mann’s remake of “Miami Vice” that came out a few years after this did.

A lot of Elastica’s music is more guitar driven so this track was almost jarring to hear on this album. “The Menace” as a whole reminded me a bit of Kid A by Radiohead where there is still is that “alternative” feel with distorted guitar but has electronic elements throughout. They were even released within a few months of each other.

This may not be news to some of you but it was a newly discovered track that was most welcome in my listening rotation this week. I highly recommend it!

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New Gold Panda single!

I was excited to discover on Spotify that Gold Panda just released a new single last month called “Time Eater.” His last album “Half of Where You Live” was released back in 2013, so new work from him is welcomed! The new single is to coincide with a new album called “Good Luck and Do Your Best” which is due out May 27th on Ghostly Records.

I liked the random metallic clanging sounds which sort of reminded me of a a clock ticking away at the day.

It also has a catchy melody with a similar metallic sound. Apparently the album was influenced by a couple of trips to Japan in 2014 so I’m wondering if the sound we’re hearing is a koto.

The track then settles nicely into a groove at about 2:20 in and some delicate warm synth chords are laid nicely over the top of the beat and melody.

Since it’s been so long since his last release, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Gold Panda’s sound has evolved over this time and how his trips to the orient will further influence his work. Just need to set a countdown for May 27th to find out!

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Tracklist (courtesy of Pitchfork) for Good Luck and Do Your Best:

01 Metal Bird
02 In My Car
03 Chiba Nights
04 Pink and Green
05 Song for a Dead Friend
06 I Am Real Punk
07 Autumn Fall
08 Halyards
09 Time Eater
10 Unthank
11 Your Good Times Are Just Beginning