Where do we find the chillin' tracks??

Today I saw @UBLF ‘s blog post about Twitter accounts to follow to find chillout/downtempo music and I thought I would do a quick post on where I find some great chillout tracks.

When I am doing stuff around the house I usually have Sirius/XM Chill on my TV/stereo system (channel 857 on DirecTV). They have a strong mix of different artists (popular and obscure) and various types of downtempo/chill, but it is usually always perfect for chillin’.

I get a lot of suggestions from Blip.fm (see our Blip playlist HERE) off of other people’s “Blips.” I previously blogged about Blip here at ChilloutScene.com. I love hearing what misoc other people like to chillout to and hear their playlists. It’s also great to get feedback on our playlist and Blips too. Good to know what works and what doesn’t!

Pandora.com has been my favorite for listening at work. Works great on the Iphone app on my phone and I can listen to thousands of different artists/tracks/genres/etc. Some of my favorite “channels” are- David Holmes (from Ocean’s 11 soundtrack fame) radio, Sure Thing (by St Germain) radio, Air radio, and In the Waiting Line (from Zero 7) radio.
The best part about Pandora is you can input a track, artist, or album and it will play tons of similar music for you. I LOVE it!!

I also listen to Last.Fm, which is a great compliment to Pandora, but I prefer the Pandora app’s ease of use and deeper track selections.

Of course MySpace has given us a lot of great friend suggestions and free listens to all sorts of chillout tracks. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention them. Check us out there at myspace.com/chilloutscene. I really think MySpace has some great things to offer musicians; especially indie acts that are just coming on to the scene.

A couple blogs I like are of course UBLF, Bedtime Tunes where you can listen to some downtempo tracks while drifting off to sleep, and of course my favorite Lakers fan Anji Bee at the Chillcast. Anji always has some great tracks to chill to on her podcast. Also check out her work at www.lovespirals.com.

That’s just a sample…feel free to post your favorite websites to find chill tracks in the comments area below.

Keep chillin’


Arms and Sleepers


Words can hardly describe what I heard last night on my first listen to Arms and Sleepers‘ “Butterflycatcher” while on Blip.fm. The track off of their Black Paris 86 album has a somber feel to it until an odd middle section which emphasizes horns picks it up for a bit. After that section, some light vocals go delicately with the constant horn crescendos/decrescendos. The sections are separated by a snare SNAP which I can only interpret to be the butterfly being caught with a net.
The title track from the same album is similar in shape and scope. All of their tracks would seemingly produce a great film noir soundtrack.

Here’s a YouTube video of a live performance of Black Paris 86.

Their recently released 5 song EP “The Motorist” is available at their Blogspot account/store for only $7. If you’d like to help contribute to our site, purchase Black Paris 86 at our Amazon store. I would highly recommend you check out Arms and Sleepers and take some time to sit down and take every sound in while listening. Enjoy!
Keep chillin’