Hugo Kant- Follow Up mix

Our friend Hugo Kant has a new guest mix out for The Find Magazine and it is spectacular!

If you’re into Hugo’s trademark retro cinematic sounds, you will definitely like this mix.  You’ll even hear an orchestra warming up at the beginning!  If you are yet to hear his music, then this mix is a great representation of what he is all about.  Hugo uses a lot of tracks with flute parts in the mix which makes sense since it is a big part of his music as well.  However, there are many many instruments represented in these tracks so you’ll definitely get what you’re looking for with this mix.

There are a couple of Kant’s own tracks in the mix (“June” and “The Chord Cracker” from his album “I Don’t Want to be an Emperor” One of my favorite additions to the mix was TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio’s “Yeah The Crab.”  The track features a perfect mix of a hip hop beat with big horn stabs and even a little surf guitar to give it that unique retro cinematic feel.  I have to say it again, if there’s an artist that tries to get that David Holmes soundtrack feel into music, it’s Hugo Kant.  He just “gets” it.

For you chill out fiends out there, there’s the trip-hop sound of “Over the Coals” by Tipper as well as the back beat filled “Tired and Awake” by Hidden Orchestra which has a great deep stand up bass melody and builds into an awesome sweeping orchestral sound.

This mix will definitely tide me over until Hugo’s next project.  You can download it for free from his Soundcloud page or just listen below.

Keep chillin’


Track listing-
01 Printempo – Interruptions Taking Shape
02 Laura J Martin – Spy (The Simonsound Remix)
03 Protassov – Wake Up
04 Tm Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – Yeah the Crab!
05 Hugo Kant – June
06 Tipper – Over the Coals
07 Hidden Orchestra – Tired and Awake
08 Astroboter – A Tale Of Two Spirits
09 Ancient Astronauts – Rocket Science
10 The Blue Square – Tic Toc
11 Kovacs – 5 BC Star
12 Protassov – Another Letter
13 Hugo Kant – The Chord Cracker
14 Blossom – Tiffkas
15 Radio Citizen – Last Exit
16 357 – Ocean’s 14th friend
17 Dutch – Warm Like the Wind

Hugo Kant- I Don’t Want to be an Emperor

A friend on SoundCloud and other social media outlets, Hugo Kant recently shared with me his debut release called “I Don’t Want to be an Emperor” and I was blown away! Being a huge fan of everything David Holmes does musically, I tend to gravitate towards similar sounding stuff.  Kant originates from Marseille, France, the same country as great chillout/nu jazz artist St Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre) which is not where the similarities end.  I believe Kant has a very similar sound to St Germain as well as far as incorporating improvised jazz instrumentation with electronic sounds.

I first heard the opening track “This Old Tune” and it immediately got my head bobbing.  A very catchy flute melody along with the hard hitting beat starts the track off right.  It then evolves in to a jazz flute improv session that dances around a bluesy electronic guitar part.

The track that really made me believe Hugo Kant was the real deal was “Thou Shall Not Kill.”  It starts off with the same type of deep stand up bass sound and is surrounded by glitches, movie dialogue samples, some terrific flute playing, great horn ensemble work, and SO many more enjoyable sounds.  It has an irresistible groove similar to “This Old Tune.”  It easily could be featured in a heist scene for a crime thriller motion picture and the same can be said for many tracks on “I Don’t Want to be….” especially the slick and sneaky sounding “June.”

The album title and subsequent track “I Don’t Want to be an Emperor” is taken from a segment of a speech from Charlie Chaplin in the film “The Great Dictator.”  You can also hear the speech during the title track.  If Kant continues to put out music as good as this, he may have no choice but to be an “emperor” of chill.  This debut album dropped yesterday, June 27th on Bellring Records also out of Marseille, France and can be picked up on iTunes.  Please check it out, you won’t regret it!  I have included the SoundCloud shared version of the album below for your listening pleasure.

Keep chillin’


I don’t want to be an emperor by Hugo Kant