New Bent coming!

Simon Mills of Bent recently posted on Twitter that among many of his ongoing projects, he is working on a new Bent album!

One of my favorite chill out tracks is the soothing “Private Road” with Zoe Johnston’s amazing vocals. Obviously artists change their sound from time to time, but if we can get more of the airy, trip hop feel of this one or their classic “Swollen”, I would sure love it!

Keep chillin’


Free download: Badly Drawn Boy EP- “It’s What They’re All Thinking”

Photo courtesy of Badly Drawn Boy's Facebook page

On the heels of his new release “It’s What I’m Thinking:Photographing Snowflakes” which dropped October 4th, Badly Drawn Boy is offering a free download! Just enter an email address to join the mailing list at his official website and you’ll be linked to the download which includes four tracks which are all great listening.

The EP titled “It’s What They’re All Thinking” starts off with a demo track from the new album.  The acoustic “In Safe Hands” features Damon Gough’s whispery soft vocals and a mellow guitar part.  I found it quite similar to his very popular track “The Shining,” but this was a little more stripped down compared to “The Shining” which has a lovely horn part.

There is an excerpt of the more uptempo “It’s What He’s Thinking” which features a wacky intro including a lot of fun electronic sounds then evolves into more of a dance track with a steady clock-like beat, and some nice ambient chords that run in the background.  The excerpt is only two minutes long, so I’d like to hear more to give a better informed opinion on it.

“The Order of Things” is another classic BDB track that has some soft ambient sounds in the background but still flows well as it builds throughout the track and has a nice outtro that sounds like birds chirping, eluding to the natural order of our planet, perhaps.

The last track and definitely most interesting to me was “A Pure Accident.” This one is a preview for the upcoming release “It’s What They’re Thinking” which will feature other artists from the Northwest of England which is also where BDB hails from (he is a Bolton native).  The artist featured with BDB on this track is Sironical. “A Pure Accident” has a huge sound to it throughout the track with strings and synth and also has a harder hitting bass line. It’s a great dance track and one of the more upbeat BDB tracks I’ve heard.

Take a listen for yourself and enjoy.

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