Crisopa- A Lucid Dream Kit

Album artwork courtesy of n5MD records

I’m a few months late to the game on this review, but when I was listening to Crisopa’s “A Lucid Dream Kit” I couldn’t help but think how appropriate the title was. If you close your eyes, each track is a perfect template for a dream and the sounds in the music coincide with the titles. Just brilliant! Crisopa is Santiago Lizón Martínez from Madrid and has been releasing music since 2005.

I think this album connected with me so well because Crisopa seemed to use some similar sounds that some of my favorite downtempo artists use and mixes them all together brilliantly and makes them uniquely his own.

The opener “Control De Galibo” totally reminded me of Boards of Canada with his use of squelchy samples and beautiful chord progression. If you’re looking for something that comes close to the Sandison brothers’ work, definitely check out this track.

I heard a bit of Four Tet in “Vamos Hacia Un Gran Sol” which has a nice rolling, soft melody (reminded me of Tet’s “Circling” a bit) with keys and uses creative off beats which flow in and out of that melody.  Towards the end are some abstract samples that get disorted a bit and make it an even more mysterious sounding track.

What was probably my favorite track was “Basketball in the Rain” where you can hear the rain falling gently on the pavement of a city court and bass hits creating the sound of the bouncing ball. Beautiful synth chords wash over the top of the deep bass beats like the rain and it builds to make a great wall of sound and then it starts to dissipate like players leaving the court slowly one by one to end with a single player remaining to stay and perfect his game.

You’re not going to get a ton of melodies with “A Lucid Dream Kit” but what you will get is a plethora of awesome ambient sounds. The overall abstract nature of his work makes it great art yet he still makes it enjoyable to listen to by incorporating so many interesting sounds.

Crisopa appears on n5MD Records where you can pick up this album now. Do it and start your “lucid dreaming.”

Keep chillin’