Dirty Art Club- Vermillion

I hadn’t really heard anything in recent memory quite so unique, so I felt an overwhelming need to share this with you guys.  This sound incorporates that lo fi/”chill wave” sound (think Ducktails) with trip hop beats and if I had heard something like it before, it certainly wasn’t as memorable as this effort from Dirty Art Club. Dirty Art Club are a DJ/producer duo from Charlotte, NC and have released their third album just last week entitled “Vermillion.”

What this album lacks in length (the eight tracks average about two minutes), it makes up for in lush soundscapes and diverse instrumentation.  I heard strings, flute, and some beautiful weird sounding chimes on “Evermore” which after tweeting the guys to find out what they were offered the response of “believe it or not, it’s a heavily affected guitar…”  There are some great layered vocals on a few tracks as well.

You will get those bright, chill wave influenced tracks right off the bat with “Hemlock” and “Sunburn.” It definitely will make an awesome soundtrack for the summer.  They even use a bossa nova sound which fits the bright, warm climes theme on the track “Girls in June.” You will also be covered for night time listening with a few darker toned tracks “Ghost of the Night,” the ultra smooth “Neon Dreams,” and the closer “Strange Wolf” being great examples.

I had a draft ready for this review on my way down to Miami for work and was about to say this would be perfect pool listening music, but that now seems like it’s not an option as it has rained on and off and the sun has not made an appearance since I have been here.  So, I am going to just chill in the hotel room and put this album  on repeat.  Vermillion was released May 28th on Phonosaurus Records.  Go get it and enjoy all summer long!

Keep chillin’