Ketsa- Ketsonica

I’ve been traveling a lot for my “real” job lately and on the plane I usually either read or listen to music. For a recent trip, I wasn’t sure what to listen to but then an artist named “Ketsa” followed us on Twitter and we reciprocated.  I then saw a tweet about a download available on his bandcamp site.  So, I downloaded “Ketsonica,” without knowing what to expect.  Ketsa is London-based musician and producer Dominic Giam.  You can read his bio here.

What I first noticed (and thoroughly enjoyed) about “Ketsonica” was Ketsa’s great work on the piano and how he implemented that voice with the other elements of the music. He puts together a lot of interesting sounds to make each track a beautiful multi-layered piece of art.

For example, the closing track “Brahhh” starts off with some dreamy piano but towards the end morphs into a heavy hitting bass extravaganza with tons of other glitchy sounds surrounding around it. “Resonance” was also a very beautiful track. It has a light hypnotic melody and the drum track is just awesome to listen to. With so many beats and backbeats, it is like candy for your ears! Another good example of his great ability to morph the piano parts with other sounds is “Project the Positive.”  The melody begins twisting and turning and then the other elements of the music emerge.  You then find yourself surrounded with some great synth and some deep bass hits.  Similar to his other works, it is all put together into one great cohesive package.

My favorite track on “Ketsonica” was “Memory Capture.” I loved the off-beat snare hits and winding melody which really drives the track.  The drum work definitely reminded me of our friends Arms and Sleepers with all of those off-beat snare hits.  The bells/chimes along with the use of horns (I think I heard an oboe?) reminded me of Bonobo‘s work.  Any musician who can be compared to those two artists is a winner in my book!

Ketsa’s most recent release is called “Flight of the Dragonfly” and just released on September 17th. Check it out!

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