New music: Lusine- The Waiting Room

Lusine’s (Todd McIlwain) new album just dropped on the 19th and it is amazing! The title “The Waiting Room” is appropriate as I have been eagerly awaiting this release since it has been four years since his last full-length album.

What you get with “The Waiting Room” is an expansion of Lusine’s amazing use of layered synth sounds, but also some great vocal work performed by Sarah McIlwain.  Yep, you guessed it, Mrs. Lusine!  Her vocals add another layer to the already complex sonic tapestry Lusine usually paints and makes a welcome addition to his music.

“Panoramic” is the perfect opener. It opens quietly and builds and builds with a few key changes, then eases quietly out to the next track. The massive synth chords were a terrific climax as the track made its way toward the end.  Just sublime!

I also enjoyed the hypnotic “On Telegraph” where Lusine is seemingly sending a pulsating telegraph signal out to his audience reminding us that he is back. Don’t worry, we’re still here!  Those pulses are combined with a smooth bass beat and then evolves into a mid-tempo dance track towards the end.

“Another Tomorrow” and “Without a Plan” were the first two singles released for “The Waiting Room” and make a back to back appearance in the middle of the album.  These tracks seemed more accessible than his more electronic-sounding stuff and the addition of Sarah’s vocals make them even more “poppy.”  They both invoke a bright and warm feeling and I really enjoyed the hook on “Another Tomorrow.”

“The Waiting Room” was released on Ghostly Records and is available now.  Lusine is also touring this year in support of the new album.  Dates can be found here on his website.

Keep Chillin’