The 5th Galaxy Orchestra

New MySpace Friend!

Since setting up the Chillout Scene MySpace account a while ago, we have received many friend requests. One of the multitude of great artists that stood out was The 5th Galaxy Orchestra, from Athens, Greece.

Rockin Chair (and the ElectricLounge mix version) is a perfect chillout track. Great ambient synth keys followed with a medium tempo beat with the vocals of 1940’s blues jazz artist Mildred Bailey providing the soul for this excellent mix.

A Russian Spy in Shanghai is a creatively done track that sounds like a mashup of late 60’s bossa nova and a Bond film soundtrack guitar melody added in for the right flavor. Reminded me a bit of a David Holmes track, which is a very good thing as I love his sound!

Sea Shell is another great chillout track. The synth keys create the feeling of being underwater and a warm drum track placed over it with some strings added in make it a smooth, flowing number. Definitely should be on any playlist for chillin’.

Those are just a few of the highlights. Their most recent album, “Music through the years” is available on iTunes. Check them out and keep chillin’!



A band called Psyrok from Wellington, New Zealand sent us a friend request on Myspace and I finally had some time to check out their stuff tonight. VERY chill! Love the first two songs on their Myspace page- “The Difference Between Silence and Lies” and “Believe.” “Difference between…” is a nice low key track with subtle drums and almost whispering vocals. There is some ghost-like singing during the chorus as well. The video has images of atomic missiles taking off and exploding interlaced with scenes of a venus fly trap eating an insect.

Here’s the video:


“Believe” has some great operatic vocals on the chorus and Lil Sister Jen provides warm vocals on top of those. Great track!

Check out the rest on their myspace page and keep chillin’!

Clubbed Out 2

Just received Clubbed Out 2 via eBay all the way from England and I must say it is splendid! The one complaint I have about it is that the first disc is a mishmash of other compilations. It mostly mirrors the Ultra series. I can only listen to One Too Many Mornings by the Chemical Brothers, Lovely Head by Goldfrapp, or Eple by Royksopp (and many more) so many times before I have to move on to find new chillout music.

The second disc is great and I will post a more detailed review in the near future. I will be moving the blog to WordPress so hopefully that will make it easier for me to post and easier for others to find the blog.

Keep chillin’

Ultra Chilled 01- Disc 2 review

Sorry to take so long to follow up on this but I just had ear surgery and had not been feeling very motivated to finish blogging, much less listen to a lot of music. Anyway, this is a quick review of Disc 2 of Ultra Chilled 01, one of my favorite chillout compilations.

Another Chance (Afterlife Mix) – Roger Sanchez

This is a great airy track to start of disc two. It has a nice light bass beat with repetitive lyrics, making it quite hypnotic.

American Dream (Afterlife Mix) – Jakatta

The hypnotic message of Another Chance leads perfectly into this next dream-like track which includes a bit of the main theme from American Beauty. This one has great off beats of drums, but the mix stays pretty simple and doesn’t get too complex. The light piano which starts plays the movie’s theme at the beginning is a nice accompaniment to the light, seemingly angelic vocals.

One Too Many Mornings- The Chemical Brothers

I love this track. Very grand in scale, a lot like the Massive Attack track on the previous track. Great female vocals here (if someone could tell me who did them on this track, I’d much appreciate it). Great driving bass beat with accompanying off beats. Just feels like it should be at the end of an epic motion picture when the credits roll.

Childhood – Dusted

Great electronic track here. A lot like a Moby mix would be with great keyboards adding to the scale of the song. Very good, deep bass mixed in with those keyboards, mixed in with some funky eclectic dripping water-type sounds.

My Only Sin – Deep Dish/ Richard Morel

This is a great track that seemingly tells a story of love lost. The repeated lyrics “Loved you but I had to go away” haunt the writer and the listener, drawing a picture of a conflict of some sort. Also grand in scale, this is another hypnotic track that accomplishes the chillout feel quite nicely.

The Child – Alex Gopher

I love the Billie Holliday-type vocals on this one. The mix is pretty good too with some funk guitar mixed in with a lot of echo effects on the vox.

16 Again – Neon Heights

I think this one would be a great ending track on the compilation, but it is placed towards the end, so that’s close enough. I can hear a little Talking Heads in this mix and it works very well with a tight beat and sleepy vocals.

The remaining tracks are a little weak, but fit nicely in with the rest of the tracks on this great compilation. I maintain that the first disc is more interesting, but the second one holds its own with some solid tracks.

First post of ChillBlog!

Welcome to!

I first got into Chillout music at an Irish pub in Chicago of all places. They had the regular Irish pub downstairs another bar upstairs that was dimly lit with candles on the tabletops. A friend and I went there because his old roommate was working there. They played some great chill music and the place was the perfect setting for having a couple drinks and shooting the breeze. Ever since then, I’ve been purchasing Chillout compilations whenever and wherever I could find them. I have amassed a pretty good collection of music and am constantly searching for new artists. That search led me online where I couldn’t find any good sites that talked about Chillout music, so I decided to start my own. Expect some exciting things here at in the near future, so keep checking back for changes!

Here is a link for Amazon’s Chillout community. It has some good suggestions on artists to try out if you’re unfamiliar with the Chillout genre.

In the meantime, feel free to comment on the blog and add suggestions for the site.

Thanks for stopping by!