Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chillout Dubai

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This _literally_ chill bar in Dubai, UAE and is/was the first ice bar in the Middle East upon opening in August of 2007. They keep the temperature at a frigid -6 degrees Celsius (approx 21 degrees Fahrenheit). Upon entering the club, guests are given designer parkas, shoes, and gloves to handle the elements. Drinks (only non-alcoholic, apparently) are served in ice glasses as well.

Seems sort of gimmicky or contrived, but a "cool" place nonetheless.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reno Project- free download!

Thanks to @tomorrowjazz on Twitter for this recommendation. Reno Project is offering their latest album for free download! Find it at this blog link-

Reno Project is-

Reno Pijselman : Composer, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Guitars & Programs
BenoƮt Laur : Drum & Mix
Julien Coulon : Bass & Electric Bass
Manu Le Houezec : Saxophone, Flute
Aymeric Avice : Trompet
Philippe Cailleaux : Studio Recording

My favorite tracks were "Down," a funky track with some great offbeat snare drum work and winding synth melody to go along with a killer muted trumpet solo and "Night Spot" which really reminded me of Jamiroquai with it's uptempo funky bass and guitar with some great keyboard work. The wind instruments are all nicely done but the sax playing really stood out to me, especially on "Night Spot" and the groovy "Loft Side."

This album is great for chillin' check it out and keep chillin'!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


A band called Psyrok from Wellington, New Zealand sent us a friend request on Myspace and I finally had some time to check out their stuff tonight. VERY chill! Love the first two songs on their Myspace page- "The Difference Between Silence and Lies" and "Believe." "Difference between..." is a nice low key track with subtle drums and almost whispering vocals. There is some ghost-like singing during the chorus as well. The video has images of atomic missiles taking off and exploding interlaced with scenes of a venus fly trap eating an insect.

Here's the video:

"Believe" has some great operatic vocals on the chorus and Lil Sister Jen provides warm vocals on top of those. Great track!

Check out the rest on their myspace page and keep chillin'!

Gabriel and Dresden in Des Moines!

    I was shocked when I checked my Bandsintown app to find out that vaunted house DJ’s Gabriel and Dresden were coming to my fair city ...