Sunday, May 17, 2009

CHILL can have different meanings!

Another great place to chill!


CHILL (Center for Health Improvement Leadership & Leisure) Egypt is our kind of place! On their website they say they are "a Middle East leader in the study and advancement of Mind/Body integrated wellness.

Looks like they offer:

-Mind/body wellness
-Wellbeing (nutrition, homeopathy, etc)
-Children wellbeing

What good is chillin' if your mind and body aren't in symbience with each other? I know I could use some help in improving my diet and the way I eat. Too bad this place is so far away! There are a couple of workshops coming up on Tuesday and Thursday that teach Chinese relaxation techniques. Awesome!

We're not always about music here at the Chillout Scene. This is one great example of leading the chill lifestyle. Check them out if you're in the area!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The 5th Galaxy Orchestra

New MySpace Friend!

Since setting up the Chillout Scene MySpace account a while ago, we have received many friend requests. One of the multitude of great artists that stood out was The 5th Galaxy Orchestra, from Athens, Greece.

Rockin Chair (and the ElectricLounge mix version) is a perfect chillout track. Great ambient synth keys followed with a medium tempo beat with the vocals of 1940's blues jazz artist Mildred Bailey providing the soul for this excellent mix.

A Russian Spy in Shanghai is a creatively done track that sounds like a mashup of late 60's bossa nova and a Bond film soundtrack guitar melody added in for the right flavor. Reminded me a bit of a David Holmes track, which is a very good thing as I love his sound!

Sea Shell is another great chillout track. The synth keys create the feeling of being underwater and a warm drum track placed over it with some strings added in make it a smooth, flowing number. Definitely should be on any playlist for chillin'.

Those are just a few of the highlights. Their most recent album, "Music through the years" is available on iTunes. Check them out and keep chillin'!


Gabriel and Dresden in Des Moines!

    I was shocked when I checked my Bandsintown app to find out that vaunted house DJ’s Gabriel and Dresden were coming to my fair city ...