Beautiful stuff from The Golden Filter! (Free download!)

Since this is the holiday season, it’s time for giving of gifts! We stumbled upon a great track to share with you here. The free download of the day from recently posted a beautiful track by The Golden Filter called “White Nights” which is a cover originally done by Psychic TV.  They have really made an improvement on the rather drab original track!  They start off the track with some jingling bells and also have added tons of cool synth sounds and ghostly choral vocals. This track was also made available as a free download on their website as a Christmas song.

The widget below also includes the more uptempo and bright sounding “Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix)” from their recent album “Voluspa.”  That track is just a beautiful ambient experience…listen with the headphones turned way up!  “Thunderbird (With Beauty Before Me, I Walk Mix)” from the same album is a huge sounding percussion focused, driving track. “Thunderbird” was pretty intense and not for chilin, but was still great music.  The group also improves upon a quirky track with a remix cover  of Peter, Bjorn, and John’s crass “Lay it Down.” The track ends the free downloads selection with a catchy disco-beat and even strings as a melody!

I really loved the huge ambient sounds The Golden Filter uses and look forward to checking out more of their music starting with “Voluspa” in its entirety.

Enjoy the free download as well as your holiday season from us at The Chillout Scene!

Keep chillin’