Five years of The Chillcast!

Our friend Anji Bee at The Chillcast has just passed the five year mark in delivering her excellent weekly podcast of chilled out tracks.  To commemorate the special occasion, she is releasing a compilation of favorite tracks called “5 Years of Chillin’.”

Some of Anji’s favorites include Chill Factor-5, Karmakoda, and 7 Day Visa.  She made a guest appearance on the latest 7 Day Visa album “Buenos Aires” with a beautiful track called “Que Quiero”.  They return the favor on this compilation with a mellow instrumental track appropriately named “Travel the World.”

Most of the material is previously unreleased music and she has even included some unreleased material from her solo project as well as a new Lovespirals track (her project with Ryan Lum) called “Try to Forget.”  I really enjoyed the more uptempo track from Chill Factor-5 called “Destiny.”  It has some nice ambient chords in the background while frenetic runs of synth race around samples and other electronic sounds to provide for a groovy mix.  I also really liked the choppy off-beats and flowing synth chords of “You’ll Never Know” by Science for Girls.

You can check out this compilation simply by naming your price for the download at  Please donate as I believe Anji does a lot to keep the downtempo/chillout scene in the minds of music listeners everywhere by keeping the Chillcast coming each and every week.

Keep chillin’!