News: New Thievery Corp album and tour in 2011!

In support of their new album, “Culture of Fear” due out next month, DC trip-hop masters Thievery Corporation will be headed out on tour!  They just recently added a few dates in Australia where they will be performing at the Splendour in the Grass Festival in Queensland with the likes of Coldplay, Kanye West, Jane’s Addiction, The Mars Volta, just to name a few.  They’ll also have two other gigs down under before returning state side.

Unfortunately for us Yanks, Theivery Corp’s stops in the US will be limited to just a handful of dates, but I’m quite sure they will make it up to us with an amazing album!

To get ready for the tour and upcoming release, you can check out a teaser as well as a 30-minute preview mix of “Culture of Fear” on ESL Music’s website.  Their seventh album has been about three years in the making and drops on June 28th.

Tour dates provided by ESL Records-

The duo will also be making an appearance at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago around Labor Day (date/time TBD) this September.

Go check them out!

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Events: Cirque Du Soleil- Dralion

A few weeks ago, my wife and I attended the latest installation of the traveling Cirque Du Soleil production and it was quite good!  Called “Dralion,” this production had outstanding music and daring acrobatics typically seen in most Cirque shows.  What I really enjoyed was the diversity of the music used in the show.  The types of music ranged from African inspired tribal dances to a quite sensual Latin guitar piece.

The portion of the show that inspired me to write a review was a piece called “Miracula Aeternitatis” which had a slow groove with electronic drum beat, delicate vocals and piano, and an emotional electric guitar solo at the end.  Definitely right up my alley as an electronic music junkie.

During one stunt, a couple in beautiful aqua colored outfits performed a sort of simulated water dance along with tango-style music while they swung in the air from silk cloths used as ropes.  It was simply breathtaking!

Another highlight was the African percussion portion commencing with a tribal queen seemingly performing a ritualistic dance.  The following act was very athletic tumblers performing seemingly impossible jumps through small hoops at the middle of a circle.  The tumblers seemed to be jumping through the hoops and at the same time avoiding other tumblers going through a hoop right below them!

There was also an impressive stunt where performers were heaving large bamboo poles in the air and catching them.  This was done to the booming sounds of huge Chinese drums banging out what seemed to be either warnings of an approaching enemy ready to strike or perhaps soldiers preparing to take the field of battle.

Overall, the music was outstanding as were the vocalists.  I loved the operatic style of singing and every part seemed to work perfectly with the accompanying music. “Dralion” is touring around North America this summer and you can find out the dates and get tickets here.  Go check it out if you can!