Hashfinger (free download)

Artwork from Hashfinger's January 12 EP

I’ve been following the releases of Hashfinger on Sinoptic Music since this past summer.  Each month he releases an EP of electronic hip hop goodness.  The young Hashfinger hails from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK and has been with Sinoptic since he was a teenager and is still just 21 but has a phenomenal talent for putting together great music using a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of a myriad of musical genres.  One minute you’ll be listening to 60’s lounge music and the next you’re listening to a Hawaiian themed song with hip hop beats.  (B1 on January EP)  A lot of his music seems to draw inspiration from or at the least conjure up imagery of old film soundtracks.

He produces some hip hop music under the name Neverlearn (hence the beats in all of the Hashfinger tracks), but I cannot emphasize enough how well he uses retro sounds for his mixes, sampling tons of older songs.   On August’s EP, he remixes a classic from the 60’s, The Turtles’ “You Showed Me”, with a hypnotic trip-hop beat.  If you are a fan of old school big band jazz, you’ll love Hashfinger as he is constantly adding beats to many classic jazzy sounds!

The November EP was probably my favorite of his so far and I think exemplifies his music best as it features smokey jazz flavored trip hop tracks which inspire visions of a film scene from a Parisian cafe or perhaps film noir.  The samples he chooses are so melodically interesting on their own, but when he adds his trip/hip-hop beats to them, it makes them irresistible!  The sax/piano duo on B3 is just amazing and is just about the perfect chill out track.

When I first started listening to Hashfinger this summer, I got a bit of a St. Germain vibe from his music. This was quite outstanding as St. Germain really got me into this genre of music to begin with.  However, Hashfinger seems to like a bit harder hip hop/trip hop beat over his stuff, which makes it a bit more interesting than the mellower St. Germain.  “Chill out” music can be relaxing, but when it is also interesting, it makes it so much more enjoyable and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the music.  I think Hashfinger does a terrific job of pulling the “interesting” part off, which made his music so intriguing to me.

You can check out the January EP from Hashfinger’s Bandcamp site below.  I checked in quickly with Sinoptic before posting this and they let me know that “Hashfinger is currently selling exclusive beats as well as working on regular releases for Sinoptic. A pressed vinyl is expected at some point this year out on Sinoptic. Stay tuned to sinopticmusic.com hashfinger.bandcamp.com and @hashfinger for more details.”

Keep chillin’