Mihalis Safras- Snatch!026 EP

I have a soft spot for any music that reminds me of David Holmes. Hey, at least I admit it. A track on the latest Snatch! Records EP by Greek DJ/Producer Mihalis Safras hits that spot dead on.  Safras has appeared on other well known dance labels such as Soma, Saved, Trapez and Great Stuff.

The cinematic sounding “Goldtrix” has the classic David Holmes elements such as bongos and stabbing horn ensemble hits.  It also has some 70’s disco sounds which again bring up that cinematic feel of cops and robbers fighting it out on the streets of any random urban landscape.  In fact, it also reminded me a bit of “Disco Science” from the Snatch Soundtrack.  Perhaps it is fitting Safras is on Snatch! Records then?

The other three tracks on the EP are more of the straight forward dance variety, but Safras makes them quite enjoyable.  “Green” has a nice repetitive bass beat and some soulful female vocals.  “Faidon” has a thumping beat alternating with hand claps and appears to be perfect for spinning in a huge club with all of the patrons stomping and clapping along.   The closer “Garoubalo” has a bit more of a retro feel with a stand up bass sound along with some brilliant jazzy piano work.  There are some cool synth sounds that wash in and out as the track goes along which allow it to maintain a chilled out feel.  Great stuff!

The EP was just released today on Snatch! Records on February 8th and you can pick it up HERE at Beatport.

Many thanks to Neil Bainbridge at Kish Communications for the heads up on this one.

Keep Chillin’


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