Anji Bee- “Put Some Music On” EP

Our long time friend, Anji Bee has a new EP out in advance of her soon to be released solo debut. The single is called “Put Some Music On” and it is delightfully chill.

The original track features Anji’s always beautiful vocals which are layered magnificently.  It is a sultry and sexy tune, so much so that it will help set the mood for all sorts of nocturnal activities.  The other remixes are tremendously done.  I really enjoyed the “Intensity of Sound Deep House Excursion” which starts minimally with some synth sounds but then grows into an upbeat dance track even invoking a bit of a disco feel with the addition of some string sounds.  Very groovy!

Speaking of grooves, “The Grooveblaster Mix” is also a very chill remix of this track and has my favorite sound in all of music, the muted trumpet.  It just always reminds me of film noir and a smoke filled jazz club.  It also has a bit of bluesy guitar sound which rounds out that blues/jazz sound nicely.

After checking out this EP, I cannot wait to hear the rest of the new album from the host of “The Chillcast with Anji Bee” and the vocalist/lyricist half of the duo “Lovespirals.” Go to Anji’s Bandcamp site to pick up this great EP.  It’s definitely worth the five bucks!

Keep chillin’


Radiohead- Live in Kansas City

Thom Yorke performing at Sprint Center- KC, MO

I was SO lucky to finally be able to see the legendary indie group Radiohead in Kansas City last month on March 11th.  Since this show and tour are in support of their latest “King of Limbs” album, they played five of the eight songs from that album.  However the rest of their discography was well represented with exception of their debut album “Pablo Honey.”

The set contained more laid back tracks, with the stripped-down “Nude” replacing snarling “Airbag” on the setlist from the previous show in St Louis.  The great thing about Thom Yorke and crew is even with downtempo songs, they still emote so many beautiful moments you don’t realize there weren’t many “rockers.”  The mood of each song was enhanced by the beautiful stage lighting and video art in the background.  Simply a stunning visual display.

As you can tell from the photo of Yorke and the videos I took below, I had a pretty good spot on the floor.  🙂  The highlights of the show for me would be the beautiful back to back of “All I Need” and “Pyramid Song” (video below), “The Daily Mail” which was the darkly intense new song dedicated to Rupert Murdoch, and of course the epic “Paranoid Android” that closed the just over two hour performance.

Radiohead will continue to be pretty busy touring throughout the year, with upcoming shows on the west coast starting with a stop in Seattle on the 9th.  They also will be headlining Coachella on the 14th, then hit the east coast of the US.  After that they will pack up and head back to Europe for July and October and finally finish the year down under in Australia.

Keep Chillin’



  • Bloom
  • 15 Step
  • Morning Mr. Magpie
  • Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  • All I Need
  • Pyramid Song
  • The Daily Mail
  • Supercollider
  • Nude
  • Identikit
  • Lotus Flower
  • There There
  • Feral
  • How to Disappear Completely
  • Reckoner
  • Separator
  • Myxomatosis
  • Idioteque
  • Lucky
  • Everything In Its Right Place
  • Give Up The Ghost
  • Paranoid Android