Mark Farina Live at Monarch SF

San Francisco-

DJ Mark Farina was back in his home town San Francisco last Wednesday night, spinning at Monarch on 6th Street in SOMA.

The venue is a beautiful club with a lounge in the main entrance area and a club downstairs.  The upstairs lounge had a bit of a vintage feel to it with the older furniture they had set up.  Downstairs was a bit more contemporary.  There was a nice VIP area in the corner which was pretty full.  It was a very good crowd for a Wednesday night and the place packed by around Midnight.  It was a “Gen X” crowd for the most part with some younger folks in attendance, but everyone seemed to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

The appropriately named “Colossus” (6’8″ Englishman, now Oakland resident Charlie Tate) played a great warm up set including a lot of Q-tip and Tribe songs, including the very groovy mix of “Got til’ it’s Gone” with Janet Jackson.  He also knew what the patrons wanted and mixed in some nice electro jazz to get us all ready for Mark Farina.

Mark Farina

Farina came on around just after 11 and started things off with a great set including a diverse set of tracks including his own Mushroom Jazz material. What really got the crowd going early on however, was a mix of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgettin’.”   Not sure why people freaked when he played that, but it was enjoyable and he did provide a nice remix of the song.

"Mushroom Jazz"

Through the warm up set and Farina’s, there was a beautiful visual presentation to go along with the music. It was even complete with close ups of mushrooms.  How fitting.  I’ve included a picture of the scene here, but it’s not the best quality since it was just taken with my phone. I’ll remember to take my good camera along with me on work trips just in case another great show like this comes along.  🙂  I’ve also included a quick video of the show below.

I had to attempt to get some sleep before a 630am flight back home so I was unable to stay for the entire show. Farina is touring this summer so I may get a chance to see him again in the near future. You can too. Check out the tour dates on his website!

Keep chillin’