Edit Murphy- Brooklyn Nights EP: Smoke N’ Mirrors

After releasing the very chilled out “Need You” in June, “Edit Murphy” has a new EP out called “Brooklyn Nights” featuring some very nice deep house sounds.

The main single “Brooklyn Nights” is a pretty straight forward house track with a bit of an uptempo feel to it.  The synth melody is a lower tone so it doesn’t overpower the rest of the mix.  It is really quite smooth, which also is a good word to describe the soulful vocals you hear throughout the track.

I really liked the remixes on this EP.  Starting with the very fun intro on the remix by Aussie “Fantastic Man.” It starts off with lots of beeps and boops and then turns into a mellower chill track with strings in the background and some bluesy keys.  One could say it is “fantastic!” (Sorry, had to do it.)

Savile’s remix starts out darker with more of a synthy/new age feel.  There is an abstract section with  but this track settles down nicely towards the end as well providing for another chilled experience.

“Beverly Thrills” (video below) provides many thrills with a very fun driving beat and a funky guitar looped melody.  It starts off almost as a rock track but then migrates back to the electronica side after a bit.  Since I’m a fan of the use of multiple genres within a track, I loved it.  Not quite sure what the title “Beverly Thrills” has to do with “Brooklyn Nights,” but I’ll take the great music any day…or night in this case.  It was my favorite track on this EP, so definitely check this one out.

The single is out now on Beatport, iTunes, and other fine locales on the Smoke N’ Mirrors imprint.

Keep chillin,