New Hashfinger release- Coriolis Effect

Our friend Hashfinger has an awesome new release on Sinoptic Records.

The new album is called “Coriolis Effect” and has a lot in common with lot of “Hash’s” previous works.  This includes his tremendous use of trip hop beats and vintage samples.

The wrinkle this time, is the theme of space. This is mostly made evident by a few of the track titles (“Ghost of Jupiter” and “King Neptune” for example)  The Coriolis Effect is also a term used in physics to describe  “a deflection of moving objects when they are viewed in a rotating reference frame.” (Thanks Wikipedia!)

In the title track (see embedded track below) as well as in the two planet-titled tracks, he uses some crazy vintage science fiction movie samples. You will still definitely hear a lot of those hard hitting beats which Hash does best, but I think this change of direction is a positive step forward for him as an artist. He had been using a lot of old style music (jazz, lounge, etc) with his beats in the past, so blowing the past away and looking towards the future and space is a great new direction to venture. I’m definitely curious as to what direction of the creative process he will take next.

“Coriolis Effect” was released on October 7th and is available on Hash’s Bandcamp site.

Keep chillin’