Josh Furey- Petals

Apologies for not posting more lately. I just changed jobs which thankfully gives me more time for reviewing the chillin’ tracks.

Anyway, I’m back at it again this summer and perhaps there is something going on the “Great White North.” After finding the gem that was Raycord a couple of years ago, I just recently stumbled across Josh Furey’s amazing sounds.  He is a terrific Canadian artist from Calgary, Alberta and his second album “Petals” was released back in December.

This review is a bit late to the party, but Furey did recently release a film in April for one of his tracks called “Zither.” You can check out the beautifully done film in the video below. It was filmed around NYC and British Columbia and incorporated the tremendous photography of Khalik Allah. It really is a visual experience with urban and natural themes interspersed throughout and Furey’s music really fits it nicely.

As stated on this blog many times before, I’m a sucker for anyone who can produce that film noir soundtrack, dark/smokey trip-hop sound and Furey puts these sounds together so well. I also heard some sounds that reminded me of Bonobo’s work. The track “Circles” being a good example with a light guitar intro, heavier emphasis on the bass, and great use of his instrumental ensemble.

“Katana” also has a similar sound.  In this one, I really liked the upright bass sound and the minimalistic drum kit beat. However, I wish he decided to explore other directions with the track. It really has a great groove, but I just think a couple more variations to the original melody could have made it a lot more interesting.

Overall, “Petals” flows beautifully with a consistent trip-hop beat throughout but also mixes in some Latin sounds here and there to give it a unique flavor. Josh Furey is co-owner of Nocturne Records and you can pick up “Petals” via his Bandcamp page.  I strongly recommend this album.  Buy it and enjoy on repeat!

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