Hash is back!

Photo courtesy of Hashfinger's Bandcamp page

Hash is back…and so are we! Sorry, it’s been a while since the last post. Our friend Hashfinger is back with a new LP entitled “Kites.”

For a while he was releasing short EP’s every month so it was great to hear his stuff more frequently, but now it appears since he is with Headcount Records, that he is going to more typical LP release schedule.

If you are into trip hop beats, plenty of samples from retro movies and documentaries, “Kites” is for you.The title track marks what I think is an evolution of his sound as he doesn’t rely on samples as much and uses a great flute part and other horns to build the track bigger and bigger as it progresses.

The eclectic and percussive “Day Dreaming” gave me a bit of a Boards of Canada vibe and was completely new to me as far as never hearing anything like it from Hash before.

“Flying” is more of a classic Hashfinger track that stood out as similar to his past efforts with its flowing cinematic soundtrack and trip hop beat driving the music.

“Buried Treasure” has a bit of a Bossa Nova feel and some great rap samples throughout.

I really enjoy Hash’s music as it makes me feel like I’m sitting in a smokey club listening to a jazz quartet with a DJ scratching in the background, so I hope he keeps releasing new stuff and continues to evolve his sound as I simply cannot get enough of it!

The digital album was released May 4th, but you can pre-order the vinyl on his Bandcamp page for £13.99 and receive unlimited streaming of the album as well.  Please do so and support one of my favorite artists.

Keep chillin,