Vittoria Fleet- Greed LP

Greed LP

I wrote about Vittoria Fleet’s “Acht” LP at The Couch Sessions in the summer of 2014 and it had been 3 years since the Berlin duo’s debut EP. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait as long for their next full release.  Their most recent effort “Greed” was released in October on n5MD Records is a bit more experimental sounding than “Acht” but still provides a very enjoyable listening experience.

“Greed” uses some great abstract chords and builds them nicely around harder hitting beats. The opening track “Mother Ocean” is a great example of this.

Vittoria Fleet truly have a unique sound. Allan Shotter seems to use distorted synth sounds to make a retro-ish sound but still makes it sound like something completely new. There are also some tremendous dance beats throughout this album, three of which follow the distorted, bass-heavy, and brooding opening track  “Mother Ocean.”

“The Shape of Things to Come” is a very fast-paced, fun track. While listening to this on the plane for my work travels, I had the urge to get up out of my seat and boogie down. The same goes for the off-beat filled “Wild Horse” which is also fun, but is a bit more choppy and has some experimental chords during some of the breaks. Those chords are tremendous though as they use some very “bright” sounds so it seems like a sunny afternoon dance party.  “Brute” has some snaking synth runs to drive it and keep up the pace. I loved Giada Zerbo’s vocals on this track as they lightly combine with the great instrumentation, which is done so well throughout the entire LP.

As far as more “chill” stuff, there’s not as much on this album, but they do place two breaks (“Intervallo” and the daydreamy “Sun”) in the album which are quite beautiful.

This is a great follow up effort to “Acht” as again it is experimental (check out “Like Glue” and “Vampira” for these types of tracks) but still accessible.  I’m glad to write another review for these two as I think the they have a tremendous future ahead of them and hope more people can experience their work.

Vittoria Fleet will perform this Saturday in Prague at The Chemistry Gallery for the  n5MD Showcase also featuring Ocoeur and Port-Royal. This event is part of the Festival Spectaculare which runs through February 12th and is put on by Palác Akropolis. If you’re one of our European readers, please go check it out! Tickets can be found HERE.

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