Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why don't you know Nobody?

I ran across another awesome chillout artist a couple of weeks ago on Sirius XM Chill. Saw a track called The Coast is Clear (For Fireworks) off of Nobody's (aka "DJ Nobody" aka Elvin Estrela- great bio/interview with him HERE.) album- "And Everything Else." The track has a great groove with a hypnotic accompanying electric guitar melody, done with minimal instrumentation. The pulsating bass and sound of a crowd clapping along are added in towards the end of the track and give the listener the feel of attending a live performance.

Based off of my fondness for this track, I ordered "And Everything Else" and one of his other albums from Amazon- "Pacific Drift- Western Water Music Vol. 1"

The only thing I did not like about "And Everything Else" was that it was as advertised. What I mean is, the album title concedes it is going to be a hodgepodge of different tracks DJ Nobody produced that just didn't fit with his other albums. Case in point the abstract "Poor Angular Fellow."

The first track "The Coast is Clear..." was the highlight for me. "What is the Light" was the second track and had a Moby-like feel to it. I'm not sure if it was the large sound with the choral background vocals (reminiscent of "Why Does My Heart Feel so Bad") or the male vocalist's monotone delivery. The organ part on the keys adds to that big sound and provides a great outtro.

I also enjoyed "Wake Up and Smell the Millennium" which is an uptempo track with a catchy harpsichord melody done on the keys. Sounded a lot like a David Holmes (one of my favorite electronic artists) work with the retro-sounding drum track. "Siesta Con Susana" is a beautiful stripped down track with beautiful guitar work which brought images of laying on a beach watching the sunset.

"You Can Know Her" has a very chill hip-hop groove to it with some nice acoustic guitar and a beautiful female vocal part.

I highly recommend checking out all of Nobody's albums. His sound is unique and you will have to listen multiple times to take in all of the wonderful sounds. I've also given "Pacific Drift.." a couple of listens and will review that soon.

Off topic- My blog on my top ten favorite chillout tracks is still in the works but almost done. I promise to get it out before the end of the year!

Happy Holidays from and in the meantime, keep chillin'.


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