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Archive for October, 2009

Boy is Fiction

Thank goodness for! I was listening to my “Arms and Sleepers” (previously blogged about artist here at Chillout Scene) radio station and came across “If You Hear Me Fall” by Australian artist Boy Is Fiction.
If You Hear Me Fall begins with a spacey intro and a great driving beat. It is more of an ambient track that has random high hat hits and offsetting piano chords that build into a beautiful melody. It is blissfully hypnotic and perfect for chillin‘. Later in the track, some more synth chords start to build to a magnificent crescendo.
“Should Have Stopped” begins almost as a soundtrack to a final scene in a film with a heart wrenching ending. Then an eclectic beat begins and it takes off into a downtempo almost trance-like track.
There are so many interesting sounds in this music, you have to listen to each track multiple times to hear them all. The artist (not sure if it’s one person or multiple) uses a lot of chime sounds for melodies, kind of like Ulrich Schnauss.
I’m making this a short post as I’m heading out of town tomorrow but I would really love to hear more from this great chillout artist! Check out Boy is Fiction on MySpace or LastFM to hear some great chillout tracks!

Thunderball is icy hot!

Was listening to one of my chillout stations on and came across a great track by Thunderball named “On the Sly” from their “Scorpio Rising” album.

Checking out their Myspace page, it seems like they enjoy putting some great bossa themes in their music. Just the name Thunderball conjures up images of James Bond and the 1965 classic movie and this music is a great replica of the music from that time.
If this music were for a spy film soundtrack, “On the Sly” would be the moment where the superspy has his encounter with a sexy adversary. The track is built around two echoing synth melodies with some bluesy electric guitar mixed in. It vaguely reminded me a bit of the Lethal Weapon soundtrack when I heard this one.
“Chicachiquita” featuring Miss Johnna is a light bossa-flavored track with a great groove and features a jazz flute intertwined with some electronic sounds and a soft guitar in the background.
“Thunder in the Jungle” begins with the sound of a driving storm broken in by some funky guitar and scathing trumpet hits. These guys specialize in chillin’, in my opinion, but this is a great upbeat dance track.
“The Road to Benares” was the first one to play on their MySpace page for me and immediately reminded me of David Holmes’ work on Ocean’s Twelve. It has a great percussive beat with middle eastern sitar and other strings throughout. Again it brought to mind the spy movie where our hero descends upon Morocco to chase the world-class criminal.
If you’re looking for some great atmospheric chillout music, check out the cinescapes of Thunderball!
Keep chillin’