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Miami Nice- Elastica

So I was listening to Jason Schwartzman’s new radio show “Coconut Radio” on SiriusXM U the other day and he played an awesome laid-back, stripped down track by Elastica called “Nothing Stays the Same.” The following track which I thought was even better which was called “Miami Nice.” (video below) These were both on the follow up effort (titled “The Menace”) to their 1995 self-titled debut that had the hit “Connection” which is pretty much the only song I remembered by them.

“Miami Nice” has a darker, cinematic feel to it and with the syth sounds used throughout the track,  I thought it was relevant to write about here. I thought it even would fit in nicely in Michael Mann’s remake of “Miami Vice” that came out a few years after this did.

A lot of Elastica’s music is more guitar driven so this track was almost jarring to hear on this album. “The Menace” as a whole reminded me a bit of Kid A by Radiohead where there is still is that “alternative” feel with distorted guitar but has electronic elements throughout. They were even released within a few months of each other.

This may not be news to some of you but it was a newly discovered track that was most welcome in my listening rotation this week. I highly recommend it!

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